Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello and a Merry Christmas to all!!! I hope you have lovely rest of the day with family and friends and that Santa did a good job with the presents!!!He spoiled me a lot!!!
So here are the presents from Mr Claus:
                          A Petite Blythe Mademoiselle Rosebud!! I did call her Rosebud
                                                 A Pedometer
              Two cool pears of shorts (one I'm wearing and others in my hands)
                                            The book Matilda
                                       The gingermelon coloring book
                                        A new softie book!!!
                                       And a lovely picture!!!
Now the presents from Family:

                       A Petite Blythe Cutie March!! I called her Roxy!! From my grandma!!!
                   Some Camiel Clothes!!! From my sister!!!
                             A Blythe pet shop thing!!! From all my mum,dad and sister
                        A spongebob bottle!!!! From my mum and dad
               And some clothes for blythe with lady gaga classes!! From my mum!!!
Now from the lovely Jeds123:

Thanks everybody this has been a great christmas!!!


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