Oct 17, 2008


It's nearly Halloween and cute little bird wanted to make a Halloween party, so she went to the potion pet shop to get a potion for her Halloween party. She was getting it all ready for her Halloween party but she forgot something at the potion pet shop. It was a Halloween spider for hanging up on the roof. So she went to the potion pet shop and she got the spider, then she went home and put it up on her wall and she started making the invitations for inviting her friends over for the Halloween party and she started going to her friends houses for giving the invitations but she realised she was too late for somebody else's party but just then it started raining but it was lucky that she had given all of the invitations to all her friends but she forgot to decorate her house for the Halloween party. But it was ok as she still had a couple of weeks till Halloween.


May 9, 2008


Cute little bird wanted to have a photo taken with his mum(right) and his siblings before he starts off on another adventure. He has stopped in to his home for a short rest and some of his mum's home cooking. Which he really loves and often doesn't find that quality of food out on his travels. He is going to get a copying of this photo and tuck it up nice and tightly in his rucksack.

Apr 27, 2008

Missing one bird.......

Sorry for not being here for so long but cute little bird had gone missing. We looked everywhere for him for weeks. We couldn't find him anywhere. Mum said he's lost but he turned up yesterday. He had been on a holiday with his buddies the care bears. His mates names are 'Sunny daze', 'Love bear' and 'Wish bear'. As far as we know he had a good time. Cute little bird doesn't say very much to us.
We did tell him next time he wants to go away he need to ask first!

Feb 9, 2008


A couple of weeks ago we went camping to this place called 'Thio'. It is very lovely as you can see above but it has black sand that gets very,very hot. In the middle of the day you need to run across it to the water or your feet get so hot. Cute little bird had a hoot of a time finding fallen coconuts to sit on and nooks in trees to sit in.

It was one of cute little birds first long distance car trips across the mountains and luckily he doesn't get car sick.

Jan 24, 2008

Not much happenin'

Not much happening around here today with cute little bird. We are all tired after a very busy break on a tropical island. He was happy just to watch Django as he was doing some drawing.

Jan 18, 2008


We thought we lost cute little bird today but we found him resting in a tea cup near his friend moustache the guinea peg. It looked like they where having a fine time together. We think moustache was doing all the talking and cute little bird was just listening as he tends to do.

Jan 16, 2008


Hello, this is our friend cute little bird.
I'm  going to follow his adventures by taking pictures and telling you all about it. I will be the adventure master and i will be the photo master and together i will do the words. Mum will help me out with the typing and computer stuff. We are not so quick at it as i ame are only 6.

This is cute little bird in his favourite banana palm. He often sits there watching us play.