Nov 22, 2011

Madeline's headband!!!

 Hello sorry I haven't posted lately But I got something today!!! As you might know I entered a giveaway over at Madeline's blog and I did a blogpost about it here. I won one of her headbands and it came today. Here are some photos...

Nov 14, 2011

New stuff in my garden!!!

Hello yesterday I went to a hardware store with my family to find some fun stuff for are garden and we did!!!
Here are some photos of me having fun on them!!!
 We have rings what I'm really good at and it's for doing back flips and front flips.
We have a rope to and we can do two thinks on there we can climb or swing on it like in the photos up the top. Are backward is getting better like a little train going up a mountain!!!

Nov 13, 2011

So who are the winners!!!

Hello today my giveaway winners will be told!!! So let's see who won the blue feltie...

So I put my hand in...
                                  and Tyrese won!!! Well done!!!

Now for the purple feltie!!!
Hand in again...
                            and Mandy won!! Well done!!!

Tyrese I know your address so I will pop it in the mail and Mandy if you could leave a comment with your email address I will get in contact with you and get your address!!! 

I'm sorry not everyone could win a prize but I might have more in the future!!!!

Nov 6, 2011

Now theres a giveaway!!!

Hello i'm going to do giveaway and two people will win one of these felties!!! You can hang them anywhere you like and they would even be nice as christmas ornaments. Here are some photos:

The rules are:
1. Leave a comment saying which one you like the most.
2. Came back next sunday to see if you have won.

I will take photos to show that i'm not cheeting!!!

Nov 3, 2011

Photoshoot with petite blythes #14

Hello today it's the last petite and it is a custom and it was me who did it!!! Yes it was my first custom I did but I forgot to tell you that it was Roxi my cutie march I dot think you sore her but thats okay!!!
 Anyway I turned this petite into a boy petite!!! Here is


Nov 2, 2011

Photoshoot with petite blythes #13

Hello I forgot to say that I got a new petite blythe and she is the 10th anniversary one!!!
Here and there she is!!!


Come back tommorow for my latest petite!!!

Nov 1, 2011

Photoshoot with petite blythes #12

 Hello has you may know that in the last posts I said I was going to do two posts today!!! Here is my 12th petite blythe!!!


Print off your colouring page!!!

Hello and today I'm going to do two posts first it's a colouring page that you can print off. 
Here it is!!!

I did the picture!!!

When your done you can email it to!!!