Apr 20, 2012

Wubba Chickens!!!

Hi everyone!!! Yesterday guess what? I got some ... Wubba Chickens by Juliet! Here is her flickr.
I'm making them do adventures on my flickr.
Here they are:
                                                       This is Bob up here ^
                                                     and this is Bill ^
Thanks again Juliet!!!

Apr 18, 2012


Hello in a simply way. Today I made a penguin feltie from the cuter book. He is #50 and I'm really happy about it!!! I have got just 50 more and I'm up to 100!!!! Enjoy him:

Very woolly finger puppets

 Hello nice people. I have been doing some really cool finger puppets and I would like to share with you my photos I did!!! There really easy but first you need to know how to kneet. I don't, but my mum does.
Here they are:
The pink one I gave to a friends little brother.

Apr 7, 2012

Categorie the wears of Rosebud

Hello!!! You know Rosebud came with me on my holidays and this is what she wore all around!!!! Not much in this post.
I did a swap and I got the cute little dress she is wearing on the to first photos. Babara made the dress here is her flickr.

Apr 6, 2012

Sad day and new guinee pig's!!!

Hello, a couple of days back we got two new guinee pig's :), but sadly one of them only survided 24 hours:(. It was really sad. he was only tiny. We named him Bunce.
Here is he's grave:

The other one is fine he's name is Willy. He is just a baby like Bunce was.
Here he is:

Happy Easter!!!!

Hello people and prepare yourself for: Happy Easter. Yesterday morning we did a morning tea for easter with Gemma and her 3 kids, here the link to her blog Pretty Bobbins. She gave me this really awesome bunnie!!!!
Here he is:
You now it's holiday's here start school back on Tuesday!!!

Apr 1, 2012

Categorie the buy's

Hello!!! I'm sooooooo SORRY!!! I'm not good, not good. I should of finished this post long back!!! This is what I bought in my trip. Not much to say!!! I will do 2 post today!!!
I bought: A LPS blythe, some re-ment,2 lalaloopsy's,some beanie kids and little more!!!
So if you what to now what a beanie kid is it's a bear with bean's in them!!!