Nov 6, 2011

Now theres a giveaway!!!

Hello i'm going to do giveaway and two people will win one of these felties!!! You can hang them anywhere you like and they would even be nice as christmas ornaments. Here are some photos:

The rules are:
1. Leave a comment saying which one you like the most.
2. Came back next sunday to see if you have won.

I will take photos to show that i'm not cheeting!!!


Madeline said...

Hi Django
I like the blue one!!!
They are both gorgeous
Love Madeline

Mandy said...

Hi Django,
love the purple one
xx mandy

Miss Sumaiya ;) said...

Hi Djang
My favourite is probably the the purple one but they're both adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Django
I LOVE the purple
Love Olivia xoxo

tegan said...

hello django

i really love the purple its so cute.
(purple is my fave colour).

tegan :)

Emma said...

Hi Django
Wow i really like the Blue one .
They both are so beautiful
Love Emma xoxo

Tyrese said...

Hi Django
My favourite is probably the the blue one but they're both adorable just the same.

from Tyrese