Jul 30, 2010

lost and found.

Three things lost and then found by me. A piece of wood first, then some concrete and last a smooth stone which I found yesterday. These 3 things are very happy now they have a home.


Jul 27, 2010

Cubby house.

Say hello to Muchacha Zukin. She's adorable, cute and petite. She is very naughty as she escapes from her sister Ahcachum Zukin to her cubby house where she keeps all her things. Look at the picture and you will see all her pretty things and her cubby house.


Jul 26, 2010

Heart 's pink and cute

This is the cute club where the fairyfloss and the bunny love sitting and they are pink . They are pink because it's there favourite colours. So come into the cute club to see more of them.

Jul 19, 2010

Another gonster!

This time this gonster is much nicer than the greedy green gonster. He lets everybody pass his door when they are there and he's the nicest gonster in the cute club at the moment. That is easy to do as there are only two!

Jul 18, 2010

Greedy green gonster!

This is a greedy green gonster who loves the colour green and he never lets people pass his secret corridor. He is so very greedy and wants everything in green! He also never listens to anybody.

So beware when you see something green because he might be hiding ready to steel it!

Apr 18, 2010

Little elephants

Two little elephants went to the river to play in the water with their mum and dad. They wanted to try and go down the waterfall but their parents said no! So they had to be content with just playing in the shallow water and they still had lots of fun.