Sep 28, 2011

In progresse!!!!!!

 Hello people. Today i have done some progresse on my feltie making with the alphabet i sarted from the Cuter Book!!! These are the two first line's!!!!!!!


Sep 27, 2011

Petite Blythe History!!!

                                                     Petite Blythe History
 Petite Blythes started in 2002 and fist off they were key chains.The first petite Blythe was Kozy Cape Inspired here is a photo of her and i have her in my collection.
Photo taken from Blythe blog 

The key chain ones did not sit down or move their arms.
Later on they lost their key chains  and they did move there arms and legs.
Here is a photo of the first petite like that.
Photo taken by Blythe Blog

There was a series of Petite Blythe Hollywood's.Here is a collage of them.
And then the years past 2003,2004,2005,etc...
And then there was anniversary petites. The last petite released of this year was the 10th anniversary doll called Birthday Party Surprise. 


My blythe doll drawing

Hello people. Today it 's about my AWESOME blythe doll drawing it's great hey!!!And my mum said it's sort of in my on style of drawing!!!


Sep 26, 2011

A fish's view!!

Well today i was sick so i made a stop-motion of a fish's view and the photo's were taken by my waterproof camera when i went camping on the weekend!!!


Sep 25, 2011

Back from camping!!!

 Hello people!! This was so fun camping and i have some photo's to share!! The Blythe's had fun and we had fun!!!
The blythe's had a picnik

 and lucky we did took some really big marshmallows!!
 This was the fire!!!
 In the early morning!!
 Sandy-Bloom had a lot of fun on the beach!!!
 Belep !!!
Belep with the wine glass!!!


Sep 24, 2011


Hello this is such a great photo !!! But this insn't what my blogpost is about today my blogpost is that i'm going away for the weekend!!! so no blogpost for saturday or haft of sunday!!! And i'm going to do a new blog banner!!!

Sep 23, 2011

Mermaid frenzy!!!

Today there has been a mermaid frenzy!!!!


Sep 22, 2011

Sep 20, 2011

Cute little creature!!!

 Hello this is a little animal one of my friends got from New-Zealand!!! it's really cute hey!!!


Sep 18, 2011


 Lately I have been making paper dolls. The original drawings come from Zali's blog. You just have to decorate them however you like.

 Sandy has been playing in  the pot
 Oceanie is missing Hawaii

 and being sunshine!!!!
 My petite Blythy's have been going crazy!!!
 Sandy again is showing her neclace off
 And doing adventures with her donutzie!!!
 Guava has been taking photos of me and me taking photos of her!!!
 And crying because her pictures are fuzzy!!!


Sep 16, 2011

Exo skeletone of a sauterelle de cocotier

Here is a exo skeleton of a sauterelle de cocotier and a sauterelle de cocotier is a big grasshoper in New Caledonia. What do bite and hurt kids and maibe women when you attack them!! i forgot that they don't hurt men i think!!!

The lovely mermaid!!!!!

Hello everyone,today there is not much aroud to do . But today i went outside and took a photo of my lovely mermaid petite blythe on a blue paper and edit the photo with a new feature on Picnik called Pirate Texture!!!


Sep 14, 2011

Giveaway winners!!!

Hello everybody today is the day to announce my giveaway winners!!! So let's get started!!!
                                          The winner of the flower headband  is
                                          the winner of the headband with the bow 1 is
                                    And  the final winner of the owl headband is (drumroll.....)
                                There was one headband left so there was a runner up and she is

Ok this has been fun and thank you for all the people who entered!!! And don't worry I will have some more giveaways later on in the future!!!! So just send me an email to with your address and I will get your little parcels sent off.


Sep 13, 2011

Closing Giveaway!!!

Hello!!! Today nothing really up just saying that my AWESOME givaway is almost over. The photos of the giveaway and the winners will be anounced on Wednesday afternoon!!!! So the deadline is tomorrow morning!!! And check out emily's blog she is having a AWESOME giveaway too.


Sep 9, 2011

My headband GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello today my blogpost  is a giveaway and the giveaway of four headbands!!! All you need too do is write your name, why you would like a headband and which one you would like!!!!
                                                 ( Headband with a flower )
                                                 ( Headband with a owl )
                                               ( Headband with bow 1 )
                                                       ( Headband with bow 2 )


Sep 7, 2011

Me !!!!!!!

Hello my blogpost today is about me.Okay then i love cute things and i have my sort of cute drawing!!! I have 3 neo blythes and i have 13 petite blythes.I live in a french country and go to a french school!!! I love Japan becuse of the cute stuff and how amazing it is and i like Rilakuma and all other like hello kitty ect. I love making stuff and i have a club where we make do cute thing!!! I mostly like reading roald dahl books and take photos!!! And here are some photos of me!!
                                                         ( Me and the back ward entrace )
                                                               ( Me with my rilakuma softies )
                                        ( Me on the swing in the back ward )


Sep 6, 2011

Ghost vs Haha bunny!!!

These new felties i made are competeing with one another............scary and happy!!! I don't know if they are going too do any damage but in the end they are both cute!!!


Sep 4, 2011

My new petite blythe!!!

 Here is my new petite Scarlette!!!
Here she is again in a blanket by my penpal's sister!!


Sep 3, 2011

Feltie family!!!!!!

 This is my feltie family from the left side.

Here they are again but on the right side