Dec 15, 2011

At the hairdressers!!!

Hello and I'm very super duper sorry I haven't post lately!!! Today's post is about my petite Blythe Nell going to the hairdressers!!! She was a deserter!!!!
 Here are some photo's!!!

                                       Nell : Ok when is my haircut!!!
                                       Me : Nell your not getting a haircut!!
                                       Nell : Yes I am!!!
                                       Me : Puff
                                   Nell : Actually I don't in a haircut!!!
                                   Me : Yes you don't!!!
                                   Nell : But I get all of this stuff!!!
                                   Me : What???!!!!
                         Nell : It's not about the haircut or the trim but it's all a about the hairstyle!!!

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