Oct 5, 2011

Sad day!!!

Hello people.Today is a really sad day because my guinea-pig, Moustache died last night and today we made his grave. He was sick. He wasn't eating or moving, he couldn't squeak and he did have a problem on one of his eyes. My mum put his grave under the frangipani tree in my backyard.


                                                                                   Moustache's grave!         


Jasper Wind said...

Aw no!!! that is sad. i am so sorry!!!!


Janelle Wind said...

Hi Django, I am so sorry to hear about your guinea pig, you must be feeling very sad inside today. We are thinking of you and hope that your happy memories will help some of your sadness go away. Take care, Janelle :-)

Cady said...

Hi Django,

That is really sad. :( Your guinea pig must have been really cute and awesome. If he was sick, he is in a better place now and I hope you are feeling better soon. :(((