Oct 2, 2011

My Blythe cardboard entry!!!

 Hello people.Today I have done my cardboard creation!!! It's really cool here are some photo's!!!
It's for the Utterly Awesome Blythe Club cardboard competition and I don't know what photo the masters of the club will choose. I  painted it, decorated it ect.... so I can't wait to see who wins??? It was fun to make.Opps i forgot to tell you it's a dressing screen.



Noonoo said...

How Creative! Wouldn't Have Thought Of That!

Emily Wind said...

Your entry is SO awesome Django!! We LOVE it!! It's so creative!!

Cady said...

Hey Django,

that is very clever!! Great job!! I just have to upload photos of mine onto the computer and then I will send in a picture.

LittleMissMing said...

That is very clever. I would not have thought of that.