Sep 9, 2011

My headband GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello today my blogpost  is a giveaway and the giveaway of four headbands!!! All you need too do is write your name, why you would like a headband and which one you would like!!!!
                                                 ( Headband with a flower )
                                                 ( Headband with a owl )
                                               ( Headband with bow 1 )
                                                       ( Headband with bow 2 )



Cady said...

Hey Django,

my name is Cady and I would love the headband with an owl on it because it is sooo cute and I love owls and I love those colours!!

thank you,

from Cady :) ;)

Juliette said...

Hi Django

I am your sister!!LOL
I would love a headband!!!LOL
I am 10 years old!!!LOL
Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

:) :) :( :(

TheIvyTide said...

Hi Django :)

I would LOVE too enter your AWESOME giveaway!!!!! My name is Ivy and I LOVE the owl one it's SO CUTE!!!!!
Thanks for having this AWESOME giveaway!!!!!!!!

Love Ivy xoxoxo

Emily Wind said...

Dear Django,

Your giveaway is SO awesome!!

I would LOVE to win the owl headband because Owls are my favourite colour!!

From Emily!

tegan case said...

hello Django

i would like to enter your awesome giveaway!!!!!!
my name is Tegan and I'm new to blythes.
i would like the flower headband.

heytheretyresee said...

Hey Django,
My names Tyrese and I would love to enter!
I would like the owl headband because I just recently got a Pullip doll and doesn't have anything to wear! (I'm not really a good sewer)

Semeeah said...

Hi Django!My name is Semeeah.I would love to win this great giveaway!The headbands you are giving away are beautiful!! :)

Semeeah said...

Hi again!I forgot which what I like and it is the headband with the owl on it.I hope that I will win it!

Jasper said...

Hello Django,

This is jasper. i would love to enter your giveaway!! The one i want to win is the headband with a bow 1.

thank-you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

love from jasper!!!!!

Tessa said...

Hi Django!!
My name is Tessa. I would like to have the headband with a bow 1. They are AWESOME headbands and this is an AWESOME give-away!! Teehee!!
Love Tessa xoxo