Sep 7, 2011

Me !!!!!!!

Hello my blogpost today is about me.Okay then i love cute things and i have my sort of cute drawing!!! I have 3 neo blythes and i have 13 petite blythes.I live in a french country and go to a french school!!! I love Japan becuse of the cute stuff and how amazing it is and i like Rilakuma and all other like hello kitty ect. I love making stuff and i have a club where we make do cute thing!!! I mostly like reading roald dahl books and take photos!!! And here are some photos of me!!
                                                         ( Me and the back ward entrace )
                                                               ( Me with my rilakuma softies )
                                        ( Me on the swing in the back ward )


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Gingermelon said...

It was so nice to meet you and read a little about what you like to do!
~Shelly (Gingermelon)