Oct 20, 2012

My new room!!

Hello!! The last week my sister has been wanting a desk and for that to happen one of us needed to move out so I did and I got the middle room that has no natural light so the photos aren't great!!

The last shelf in the first photos is my mum's shelf!!
I love my new room!!

Oct 16, 2012

Weekend outings!!

Hello and last weekend I was busy with my family because we went to a BMX show at the skate park on Saturday but I don't have any photos. Sorry!!!Anyway on Sunday at 6:00 o'clock I went to a show called "The Shoaling monks" and I have some photos to show:

They were spectacular, anyway I have more photos so came back tomorrow to see more!!

Oct 11, 2012

For adoption!

Hello! There are some dolls that are mine but I don't play with them anymore so I'm putting them up for adoption. Here is a photo of them:

They have messy hair but that's okay I did a hair wash. Here are some photos:

I even groomed their hair so look at this collage:

So they have been hair washed and groomed. They are up for adoption.

Oct 10, 2012

Sweetie little apple!!

Hello and sorry I haven't posted for a while!! Anyway yesterday I came up with this feltie and I named it Sweetie little apple. So today I was soo excited about it that I made the first edition and I'm sure I'm going to make more because it doesn't take that long. Here is a photo of it :

His eyes are a bit googly but I will do some adjustments on the next one!!!